Error 126 installing printer on Windows Embedded

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I'm trying to get doPDF to install on Windows Embedded Standard (basically the same as XP), but I see this error crop up right at the end of the log
2010-09-15 16:49:54.974 -- Run entry --

2010-09-15 16:49:54.974 Run as: Current user

2010-09-15 16:49:54.974 Type: Exec

2010-09-15 16:49:54.974 Filename: C:\DOCUME~1\fcuser\LOCALS~1\Temp\is-7M7RP.tmp\i386\dopdfin7.exe

2010-09-15 16:49:54.974 Parameters: -install -name "doPDF v7" -nodefault -languages en -deflanguage en -hidepages -regpdfkey -nolog

2010-09-15 16:49:59.260 Process exit code: 126
As a result, the printer is not created. I saw the same behavior from PDFCreator which mentioned something about RPC Call Failed.... Do you know what this error code means, so I could figure out what we are missing in our Embedded Image?
Thanks in advance!

Claudiu (Softland)
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I am afraid doPDF has not been tested on the Windows Embedded nor has support for the OS platform mentioned so we do not know if this would work for you or not. Also some of the command line parameters you mentioned for it are not supported.
Related to the error code this is the meaning for it as we found: Command invoked cannot execute - Permission problem or command is not an executable
Thank you for understanding.

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