doPDF 7 or 9 converter enlarged Word 2007 file.

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doPDF 7 or 9 converter enlarged Word 2007 file.

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I have 2 computers running Win 10: desktop and laptop. They both have doPDF 7 installed.

For the longest time, both computers were running (or converting) fine with Word 2007 files. Not sure what happened to the Laptop but now (all compared to the Desktop computer and under the same small file PDF settings):

The Laptop:
1) converts into very large files, and
2) this process takes 10 times longer. It became extremely slow.

doPDF and Word 2007 on the DESKTOP computer would convert a 7Mb file whereas the same Word 2007 file on the LAPTOP converts a 91Mb size.

It appears to be Word 2007 on the Laptop. It works fine with OpenOffice Writer. I uninstalled and reinstalled Word 2007 on the Laptop and made sure Word's printing settings were the same as the Desktop's. I even installed doPDF 9 on the Laptop and got the same results. Is it Word's print routine/driver before doPDF, if such thing?

What else can I do to find the problem?


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Re: doPDF 7 or 9 converter enlarged Word 2007 file.

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Hi, are you sure it is the same file that you are testing on both laptop/desktop? If it is the same file, would it be possible to give us a sample of the original word doc to test it here? If it's the same doPDF version on both computers then the resulting PDF should be the same (I assume you use the Small file option when creating the PDF on both).

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