doPDF-7 Failed to run on re-instalation

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I've been using doPDF V 7 for some months and find it very, very good and that for the moment it fits all my needs. Then this morning I installed the latest version of another favourite application - Tune Up Utilities 2012 and ran it. At some stage I lost doPDF V7
I eventually used System Restore to go back to before my Tune Up Utilities 2012 update and found that doPDF V 7 was there and worked as well as ever.
I then reverted to Tune Up Utilities 2012 and then tried to download doPDF V 7 and reinstall it. I downloaded it but when I try to run it I am immediately flagged " doPDF-7.exe is not a valid Win32 application".
What have I done or what can the problem be? I do hope these two excellent programs are compatible...

Claudiu (Softland)
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Please try to do a complete re-installation for doPDF and give it another go by following this article: ... df#post-44
Thank you.

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