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I decided to give this a try.After downloading DoPDF,it couldn't find a file I wanted to correct{which was in Microsoft Office}.Before it could do this,you have to make DoPDF your 'default printer'to get it to operate -- which I did.When it couldn't find the file I wanted to correct,I reversed the setting to my original 'default printer'.But the BIGGEST thing it did was to make it so that I couldn't open-up my homepage!I tried to open it up a couple of times and each time it said it was 'unable' to do so.I've had this happen with software before and the first thing I thought was 'everything was working fine BEFORE I installed those files{DoPDF}' -- nothing else had changed.It was then I knew I was going to have to UNINSTALL this software -- which is what I did.After that,no more problems with the homepage!Sometimes,some software has compatibility problems -- evidently that was the case with DoPDF.In case it will help,I'm running Windows 7 on Internet Explorer 9.If anyone has any ideas,LET ME KNOW!Thank you.

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This would be the first time this issue happens involving doPDF and IE9. Can you send us a couple of screenshots with all the issues you are getting when having doPDF installed (when trying to open the homepage and everything else you have explained in the post) to our support team at [email protected] so we can get a better idea on what might be the issue and what is going on with the application.
Thank you.

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