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When it comes to functionality, and after using it for months, all I can say is thank you for doPDF. It was truly a "hassle-free" & "it just works" kind of a program. However, cosmetically, I have the following suggestions and please remember that they are all purely cosmetics:
1- we are in 2010, approaching 2011, and we still see that MS-DOS window every time we hit the print button? Don't you think it doPDF would be beter and more modern with a small frame-less window that says "doPDF is now converting to PDF, please wait" or even better no window at all since the printing icon will show up in the task bar during that process?
2- This is a trivial one.

In the PDF document properties, the "PDF producer" has this:

"doPDF Ver 7.1 Build 349 (Windows 7 Home Premium Edition - Version: 6.1.7600(x86))"
Why all these useless details?

My suggestion in that regard would be:
"Application = Softland doPDF" or at least "Application = doPDF"

/* The company name deserve to be there, so people can check your other products */
"PDF Producer = doPDF v7.1.349"

/* Simple and informative, no need for "Ver" or "build" or all these Windows infos */

Claudiu (Softland)
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We are glad you are finding our application useful for your projects.
However the information you suggested to be changed is needed for our support and other technical matters so unfortunately it cannot be altered the way you mentioned.
Thank you for understanding and for the suggestions.

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