Citrix and doPDF

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Citrix and doPDF

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We are experimenting with doPDF so users can print / convert to network shares. One of my clients needs the ability to print from a Citrix portal to aforementioned network shares. When they are in the portal doPDF shows up as a redirect and print jobs appear to be processing with no errors but I cannot find where they are going. On a local print job I set the network share as the default path for print jobs and that works fine for local print jobs. When printing from Citrix I do not get the popup that allows me to choose the file path but the print jobs appear to be going somewhere. I have checked the default path C:\Users\*******\Documents and found nothing.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: Citrix and doPDF

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You cannot use doPDF with Citrix but we have a commercial program, novaPDF, that you can use via Citrix.

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