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Hello All,
We have recently purchased a piece of software to handle our work requests. One problem we are having however, is distributing the notifications to our work crews. The software is able to generate notifications (to either email or printer), however, the entire work order cannot be included in the email. Therefore, what I would like to do would be to have it print the work order to PDF and save it on the server. From there and email link can be sent so our crews can receive their work orders. The only snag in my plan is that every PDF printer I've found has a "save as" dialog box which the server can't (to my knowledge) fill. Therefore, I wanted to ask if anyone knew of a way to have doPDF accept that argument as a printer parameter or some other way.

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Hi Casey, sorry but you cannot bypass the Save As dialog with doPDF. We do have a commercial product called novaPDF that does what you need ( ) meaning it can save a pdf file without showing the Save As dialog, and furthermore the Server edition (one for which I just gave you the link) can save PDF files on a server or even email them when they're created. If you are interested in it you can download and do a test, additional questions about it can be asked at support[at]novapdf[dot]com. Thanks.

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