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I need a tool or solution for the following situation.

We print on 12x18 sheets of paper using an HP Indigo Digital Press.
We need a solution for taking thousands of PDFs of various sizes and automatically outputting PDF files at 12x18 with several of these smaller PDFs imposed on them and possibly carrying meta data as well.
Imagine thousands of images in PDF that all needed to be printed (duplex) and that you wanted to use the 12x18 sheets most efficiently and waste as little of the sheet as possible. And some of these images would need to be printed multiple times and some only once. So a quantity would need to be defined as well.
I know that there may be a considerable amount of set-up work in defining the coordinates and specifications for the desired output. However, I feel like there is likely a solution for this problem out there or a program that could be used to automate this process.
The large number of images that will need to be placed is too much to manually place and arrange each of them onto the 12x18 sheets, so we need an automated solution.
Any experience or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You.

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I can tell you that this is not possible with dopdf, it seems that you would need a custom solution based on a pdf developer tool (such as ). But you would need a developer in-house that knows this.

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