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Olli translated the doPDF.com website in Finnish. Kiitos Olli! (that's thank you in Finnish, if you are from Finland and would like to send a thank you to Olli, you can do so by emailing ollinpostit@gmail.com).
The website can be accessed here: doPDF.com in Finnish
Thanks to all the translators that helped us, the number of languages the dopdf.com website is available in went up to 17. Think that's a lot? Well, according to the Ethnologue organization (http://www.ethnologue.com), there are 6,912 known living languages, so we merely have dopdf translated in 0.2% of these.
Would you like to help us increase this percentage? To do so, visit this page for details: Languages. You'll see there in which languages doPDF.com is not translated, and if you want to help you'll simply have to email us and we'll reply with details.

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