[Mention] doPDF on PC World

Here you can read announcements related to doPDF.
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[Mention] doPDF on PC World

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Update2: The article on PC World where doPDF is mentioned too was published online too, you can view it here: 16 No-Cost Tools to Improve Productivity, Collaboration. This article is part of the "112 Best Free Downloads, Sites, and Services: The Full List", so it's encouraging to read that PC World (finally?) thinks that doPDF is the best in its branch.

Update: Finally, after just one year :), doPDF was reviewed by PC World's editor Rick Broida, and even if for now he posted just a bit of text, it will be included in the April issue of PC World. We'd like to thank all users that voted for doPDF and brought the attention of the editors.

We need your help to reach the editors at PC World. doPDF is listed in their Downloads section here: doPDF on PC World
Right now it hasn't been reviewed, but here's how you can help us in getting it reviewed:

If you don't have a PC World account, simply click on the thumbs-up image that shows near the "Recommend this download?" text
If you have a PC World account (you can create one for free), click on the User Reviews tab and submit your review (you can add a star rating and what you like/dislike about doPDF)

If doPDF receives lots of votes/reviews, eventually an editor will notice it and discover what a great little program it is :) (difficult to be objective here).

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