doPDF exceeds 7.6 million downloads

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The total number of direct download requests for doPDF is now at 6,567,275 and if we add only the downloads from, 1,124,919, that sums up more than 7.6 million downloads for doPDF since its launch.
Of course, we cannot count all the downloads made through other channels (such as those hosted on external websites) but we're pretty sure that in total there are over 8 million downloads (as an example, only those from Majorgeeks and Softpedia count up to almost 100,000 downloads).
And if downloads continue to increase in the same rhythm, we'll surpass the 10 million downloads mark in the next couple of months. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you, the doPDF user, for making doPDF popular. We'll continue to make it better and each day we'll do "the same thing we do every day, — try to take over the world!" (it's not as easy as it sounds though, we're competing with two laboratory mice)

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